Remedial Building Solutions

Edgecliff, NSW

• Waterproofing repairs to existing concrete roof deck.
• New tiling to balconies.
• New fire rated walls and ceilings and the installation of a new fire rated switch board cabinet.
• Services diversion in common areas.


Cronulla, NSW

  • Concrete spalling investigation and repairs,
  • Balustrade upgrade works.
  • Membrane and Tiling to balconies.


Rose Bay, NSW

• Brick and waterproofing repairs to facade.
• Roof and downpipe repairs.


North Parramatta, NSW

• Installation and certification of Wolfin PVC sheet membrane
• Waterproofing repairs and retiling to existing concrete tiled common area

• Design and installation of movement joint in brick fences and retaining walls.


  • Underpinning to subsiding concrete footings and slabs.
  • Cement render repairs including control joint installation, delaminated render etc.
  • Waterproofing repairs to concrete tiled balconies.
  • Roof flashing and tile repairs.